Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Convert Your GSM Cellphone to A Regular Home Phone, Office Phone and Fax - Better Than Home Phone Connect

GSM mobile to phone adapter pro with caller ID LCD display, phone jack, fax jack , signal booster and pin code protection

GSM Wireless Cell Phone To Telephone Adapter Pro

GSM Wireless Cell Phone to Telephone Adapter Pro

GSM Wireless Cell Phone To Telephone Adapter Pro

GSM Wireless Cell Phone To Telephone Adapter Pro, Two Jacks for Phone and Fax Machines Respectively With LCD Caller ID Display, Signal Booster Antenna and PIN Code Protection

Better than AT&T Home Phone Connect and Verizon Home Phone Connect without activating new line of service from your carrior!
Two jacks system, one for phone and one for fax.
You can connect your home phone, business phone, fax machine directly using GSM card from your cell phone. Easily convert your GSM phone to regular telephone line and connect to a home or business telephone system, fax machine or telephony voice modem via GSM network, good for users without land-line, mobile office, Kiosk or other business and home located in remote areas.
  • LCD Caller ID Display
  • Works with any GSM SIM Card from any wireless carrier in different countries
  • Good for locations where land lines are not available.
  • Connects to Telephone Handset via phone jack
  • Connects to Fax machine via fax jack
  • Connects to PC Auto Dialers

The WATA-310 Main Features And Functions:

  • Using GSM SIM card and suitable for GSM 850,900,1800,1900MHz (optional).
  • Send/receive faxes through connecting to fax machine, except for making & answering calls after connection to telephone set.
  • Available to connect with telephone set, PBX, billing machine, etc
  • Available to connect with backup battery, and the stand-by time can reach 24 hours in case when
  • the power is cut off.
  • Built-in PIN code protection featured with locking device/card/network
  • With LCD display to show caller ID
  • Optional to match with various high-gain antennas, featured with signal intensity indicator, Working status indicator, breakdown indicator, etc

Technique Parameters:

Items Parameters
Emission power 2W @ GSM850/GSM900MHz
1W @ DCS1800/PCS 1900MHz
Working voltage AC220V DC12V
Environment temperature -25℃ ~ -55℃
Humidity 10% ~ 95%

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