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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tablet Mobile Telephony Hardware and Solution

Do you know that you can also connect TAPI compliant Way2call Hi-Phone desktop or Maestro, the telephony board device, telephony card interface device to your tablet?

Due to hardware limitation, you are unable to use PCI or PCI express telephony card in your tablet, but you are hi-tech and would like to create a pseudo mobile telephony solution through your tablet, what do you do?

It is very easy and cost effective, no need to buy another desktop or telephony server and you can travel with it!

  1. Make sure your tablet is Windows OS based, and it can install Way2call Drivers.
  2. Make sure your tablet has a USB port, no matter what size it is and the right USB cable to connect to Way2call Hi-Phone
  3. Telephone lines
  4. Install the drive to your tablet
  5. Telephone system to answer calls or use telephone headset ( based on which Way2call products you buy ).

Voila, you just create yourself a small scale of telephony system that you can use it for different TAPI applications, a pseudo mobile telephony solution that you can travel with.

To purchase Way2call Hi-Phone products, you can visit

Way2call Website


VoiceCTI website

What if I don't have telephone line but GSM cell phone since I live in the remote area or on a boat?
You will need a GSM Cell Phone to Telephone Adapter to create that telephone. For more information about this product, please visit, the GSM mobile telephony solutions.

Author: By VoiceCTI